26 Argument Essay Topics For High School And College Students

Are you stuck trying to come up with a good argumentative essay topic? The following list of 26 ideas might help inspire some thoughts of your own or you can choose a topic to use for free. We’ve divided the list into four sections covering a variety of issues being discussed today:

Argument Essay Topics on Athletics and Sports

  1. Do you believe that the dangers that come from injury in football are enough for a call to ban?
  2. Should young athletes be prevented from playing high impact sports at the in middle school?
  3. Do you think that the NCAA should start paying collegiate athletes a regular salary?
  4. Has the extensive use of replay and coaches challenges been successful at the pro level?
  5. Do you think that professional teams that use Native American images and names are offensive?
  6. When do high school pranks made by athletes upon other athletes cross the line to hazing?
  7. Should gambling in sports be allowed across the country as long as it is regulated?
  8. Has baseball lost its place as America’s favorite past time sport or is it still as popular?

Argument Essay Topics on Arts and Media

  1. Are minorities represented fairly and accurately on national television and in movies?
  2. Which of today’s current musical artists do you think will make the Hall of Fame?
  3. Do you think that e-sports should be considered as a type of professional sport?
  4. Do you believe that the value of modern art is largely established by media marketing?
  5. Should popular reality shows promote a negative way of doing things in society?

Argument Essay Topics on the Political System

  1. What are the biggest problems in your community that you would like political figures to solve?
  2. Do you think that guns should be allowed on university campuses for students’ protection?
  3. Do lower-income individuals face stiffer fines and penalties for breaking local ordinances?
  4. Do the police negatively profile minorities in communities that are predominantly white?
  5. Should people who are within the Top 1% of wealth pay higher taxes to reduce the debt?

Argument Essay Topics on Gender Issues

  1. Do you think there are different expectations and or standards for sons and daughters?
  2. Why are there fewer girls seeking education courses and professions in science and math?
  3. Do university fraternities and sororities promote negative opinions about men and women?
  4. Why are there significantly fewer female C-Level Executives at large corporations worldwide?
  5. Why do men continue to make catcalls or offensive comments to women on the street?
  6. What preventative measures should be done about sexual harassment in the workplace?
  7. Do women face more pressure to maintain a certain body-type that is unnatural?
  8. What effects do unrealistic photoshopped pictures of women have on young girls?

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