Examples of Acute Opinion Essays Topics

When writing an opinion essay, students need to states their views clearly on the subject matter, backing it with facts and examples. Meaning, you can express a stand on any social, economic, or political problem you are passionate about in an opinion essay.

You can explore several acute opinion topics for your paper. However, if you have difficulties in coming up with the best idea, this article is definitely for you. Here are some topics you can explore in your next paper.

  • There should be an upward adjustment of the legal age for alcohol intake. Are you for or against it?
  • Does modern culture have adverse effects on childhood? What is your take?
  • Is punishing children for having bad grades and rewarding those with good ones a useful practice?
  • The younger generation can also teach older people something new. Is there something you can teach your parents?
  • Looking at the current state of your city, things could be done better. What are some suggestions you can make to your city major?
  • Military personal should remain in the barracks and call upon for particular duties. In what situations do you think they should be called?
  • Your country is being governed the wrong way. Is that true or not?
  • There is a sharp contrast between how rich and poor people are treated in the current criminal justice system. How true is this?
  • Rich people should pay more taxes to contribute their quota to the economy of the country. Do you think this is a good suggestion?
  • The death penalty should be applied only in severe cases. Are you for or against this statement?
  • Sports betting has become a controversial topic in our current dispensation. What is your opinion on the practice?
  • Having to compromise shows weakness. What’s your opinion on this statement. The current educational curricular does not promote creativity among students. Why is the situation so?
  • Writing tests is not the best way to assess students’ performance or knowledge. What’s your take on this?
  • School days should be increased. In your opinion, are there enough reasons for this extension?
  • Most schools use ineffective methods of punishing recalcitrant students. In your opinion, what is the best form of punishment for students?
  • There should be a change in the method of teaching math and its curriculum. What would be the best methodology in teaching the subject?
  • Technology creates loneliness. Is this statement correct?
  • Smoking has become a massive problem among youth. How do we change this phenomenon?
  • People don’t adhere to advice anymore. Why is this happening?
  • People should try to address their problems than complaining. Is this feasible?
  • Hard work pays than relying on talent. Do you agree with this statement?

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