The Colonizer And The Colonized

This essay requires me to expand on who is a Colonizer and describe the adjective given colonized. A colonizer can be defined as someone who claims to have superior power over his subjects at a given territory. This power that the colonizer acquires he tends to use it forcefully over his subjects by imposing strict laws that limit the people from expressing their views to the colonizer. The act of imposing strict rules on the citizens is termed as to be colonized.

In day-to-day lives various governments of the world are imposing strict laws to their citizens in which they are required to abide by failure to which they will face the wrath of the law. In most cases, these leaders who impose these laws fail to observe them and the citizens who are under them end up suffering because of the failure of their own leaders.

Another illustration is where human beings tend to ignore the little and important details in life in that for example a parent who is not there for his own children when they are of tender age to encourage them and guide them on the accepted morals of the society, in most cases when these children attain the age of majority they end up being criminals and disrespect their own parents because when they needed their parents they were never there as they were busy developing their careers, hence the children now turn out to colonize their own parents.

It is important for one to be alert all the time and do what is morally acceptable in society so that this idea of one being superior to others can come to an end and people live peacefully. Also, parents should always consider having time with their own children so that they can grow up to be important persons in society.

In conclusion, the idea of having one to be a colonizer so that they have a territory in which they will colonize in that have superior powers than others should come to an end so that the society can co-exist peacefully without one being a subject to the other or some being so difficult to deal with. Each person should take responsibility and do what the law or the society requires them to do so that the idea of being superior to the other can come to an end.

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