Intimate Partner Violence

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Intimate partner violence is an extremely serious public health problem that could be prevented if the proper education made available. This problem impacts individuals in relationships that experiences, physical, sexual, or psychological harm by their spouse or partner. The goal needs to be to stop intimate partner violence before it ever starts. Learning the warning signs can help you watch out for friends or family members who may be experiencing abuse from their partner. Knowing the different kinds of violence will help you with early detection and could very well save someone’s life.

Physical violence is the most common case of intimate partner violence. This could be any kind of physical force such as throwing, biting, punching, smacking, weapon use, or anything that causes physical harm to the victim. No matter what the size of the individual is who is inflicting harm, it is crucial to report this kind of violence. Another type of violence is the threat of physical or sexual violence. Any words or gestures that give off the impression that actual violence will occur. This type of violence should also be reported.

Sexual violence is the second most common type of intimate partner violence. This can be a number of things. Physical force to make someone engage in a sexual act against their will whether the act is completed or not is one type. Another type is also physical force to an unwilling victim, however, this victim is unable to communicate their unwillingness to participate due to physical or mental disability. This even applies to someone who is under the influence of alcohol. Any abusive sexual contact should be noted as violence and reported immediately.

The last form of violence is psychological or emotional violence. This involves any form of trauma to a victim in any form. Forms of humiliation, controlling what they can and cannot do, withholding information, embarrassing the victim, and stalking are all examples of psychological or emotional violence. Threatening phone calls are considered a form of stalking and will not be tolerated in a court of law. If you know someone who is experiencing this kind of treatment please speak out now.

All of these different forms of violence are very serious and not to be taken lightly. Talk to the victim and make sure that they report this kind of behavior or it will continue. You may have just prevented another occurrence or saved that person from a lifetime of abuse, or maybe even saved their lives.

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