A List Of Interesting College-Level Essay Topics On Technology

Technology is the biggest revolution humankind has experienced since the invention of wheel in the ancient times. I am calling it the biggest revolution because it has changed the way we act, thinks, express, connect, buy, sell and run our businesses. With the advancements in the telecommunication industry and the advent of smartphones, world has actually become a small place to live in. Distances do not matter anymore and so does time. You can save all your physical efforts while sitting at your home and accessing the internet via your mobile device. It is not necessary that this change be only for good. Technological advancements have some vital drawbacks to the human existence as well. People lost their jobs when data entry programs and computer monitored software programs were introduced in the manufacturing industries to keep track of the stocks. Students spend loads of time on social media networking sites and video streaming sites that must have parental guidance. Teens can easily access restricted sites on the web and exploit their young minds. People do not have healthy lifestyles and sit for long hours in front of their computers. The importance of family time has reduced and restricted only to social media networking sites so and so forth

If you are in college and want to write an essay about the technology as a topic then you need to consider many things. The first and most important thing you need to remember is that the topic of your paper needs to be unique and interesting. Do not talk about obsolete or over dragged topics that no one has interest in. for instance, if machines will take over the world is quite and old discussion to talk about. The other thing you need to know in advance is the direction and purpose of your essay. Whether you want to evaluate the technological advancements, talk about the good things, talk about the side effects, discuss their future scope etc.

Below is a list of interesting topics you can choose to write on for your essay in technology

  1. The effect of e-commerce and online shopping on consumer buying behaviors
  2. The importance of digital marketing for a business in 2015
  3. The popularity of social media networking sites overpasses pornography
  4. Can technology be a challenge for the human race in some way?
  5. Mobile marketing and digital security platforms for e-government sites

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