20 Intriguing And Original Persuasive Essay Topics To Consider

Persuasive essays require a particular skill that comes in handy in conversation as well. This is the ability to convey a point and its supporting evidence so well that others come to believe it based on what was stated. For some this skill is innate while for others it comes over time with consistent practice.

By writing these types of essays regularly you can get a sense of how to structure your arguments well. But some of the time you may hinder your progress by picking topics that have been used many times before by other students. Originality is important because it forces you to think in ways that you are not accustomed to.

Here are 20 original topics that you can try out to get acquainted with the idea:

  1. Is recycling actually better for the environment?
  2. Is it immoral to keep some animals as pets while rearing others as foods?
  3. Is insurance a good financial decision?
  4. Is yoga in the Western world still a spiritual practice?
  5. Should social rules be adapted to allow for the release of gas in public?
  6. Is cosmetic surgery a good way to increase self esteem?
  7. Should children be allowed to engage in professional sports or entertainment?
  8. Can makeup and shape-wear be considered a form of deception?
  9. Are wealthy people more immoral?
  10. Should women and men be allowed the same opportunities to go topless?
  11. Is there a case for specially selecting fertilized eggs toward the creation of a stronger species?
  12. Could climate change be considered a good thing on some levels?
  13. Do adults benefit emotionally from exposure to certain levels of competition?
  14. Should crying babies be held and comforted at night or allowed to self soothe until they eventually fall asleep?
  15. Has the right to bear arms become more important than the rights of certain groups to live to adulthood?
  16. Do citizens of a country have the right to governmental support while they are unemployed?
  17. Should adults be encouraged to enter and master disciplines that traditionally have been taught from childhood?
  18. Are the majority of people who practice Tai Chi unable to use it as a martial art?
  19. Should the practice of burial be made illegal and replaced with more environmentally friendly methods?
  20. Is tea truly healthier than coffee?

Some of these topics may appeal to you in one direction more than another. For the sake of practice, it helps to try them from both angles.

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